Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual is way above the rim (and all competitors) when it comes to jump training.

jump manual Training Material Quality: Excellent
After-Sales Support: Excellent
Guarantee: 200% Money-Back Guarantee
Price: $129 $67 - On Sale $62 off ($9.95 for monthly coaching)

For those of you who are impatient, let's deliver the verdict first: the Jump Manual training program gets an unequivocal thumbs up from us for its effectiveness, professional presentation, and reasonable price. It is comprehensive and approaches the problem of trying to increase your vertical leap from a variety of different angles, which is the strength of the program. The program promises you will add at least 10 in shoes to your vertical jump within 12 weeks, or double your money back.

Okay, now for more details. First of all, let's take a look at the program's creator. The jump manual is the brainchild of professional athletic trainer Jacob Hiller, who himself possesses a 44 inch vertical. He has coached high school, college and professional athletes and taught them all how to increase their vertical jump, often by an exponential factor. Now let's take a look at what's included in the actual training material. Here's a quick summary of what's included:

  • Daily workout chart
  • Video library of training exercises
  • Downloadable e-book with in-depth training
  • Access to the Jumpers Forum
  • Unlimited one on one training
  • 60 day, 200% guarantee

The most valuable aspect of the training may be the video library. The videos provide very thorough detailed step-by-step directions on how to properly do all the exercises that make up the meat of the jump training program. The videos also cover the proper warmup and stretching procedures, which is key to preventing injury. Also included is a thorough workout chart. This chart allows you to track your daily progress and workout schedule, and to mark your improvements to keep your motivation at a high level. Do not underestimate its value; keeping track of your workouts in a detailed manner will allow you to squeeze every ounce of benefit from the Jump Manual training program.

Often overlooked in any jump training program is a nutrition guide. Not so with the Jump Manual training program, which provides you with a complete and detailed nutrition plan informing you of what foods you should eat to further your increases in vertical leap, as well as speed up your recovery time and prevent you from getting injured. Jumping higher requires bigger and stronger muscles of course, and a good nutrition plan is key in building up more of the proper muscle mass that can generate explosive power, not muscle that is optimized for endurance. You no doubt know the difference between fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers if you have been involved in sports for any period of time, and of course the Jump Manual training program focuses on fast twitch muscle fibers, as it should.

Now, what is most remarkable about the Jump Manual training program is that you get a chance to enroll in direct one-on-one training with Jacob Hiller accompanied by 24 hour e-mail support. This type of personalized consultations could easily run you a few hundred dollars per hour, but is offered for a small extra monthly charge with your purchase of the Jump Manual training program. Admittedly, you won't be able to get exclusive time and personalized training, as every member who enrolls is entitled to the same benefit, but any and all questions that you have regarding jump training will be quickly answered to your satisfaction. This unprecedented type of support and coaching makes this program stand out from the others.

Having a community of like-minded athletes is also very important for your motivation level, and can help you resolve any questions that you have which may already have been asked by other members of the training program. In this regard, the training forum, where you can interact with your peers as well as coaches and even some professional athletes, is invaluable. You can get feedback on what you are doing and current progress, as well as check the progress of other athletes to keep you highly motivated. The forum access includes interviews with NBA coaches as well as other exclusive videos.

The Jump Manual ebook itself is straight to the point and does not contain any filler or fluff material. You will not be bombarded with an excess of information, and it is easy to digest the lessons and coaching found within. The foundation of the training program is the targeting of nine different facets that are all very important in improving your vertical jump. Making even a small improvement in all nine areas will lead to an overall improvement in vertical leap that can be extremely impressive. The discussion of these nine different facets makes this program truly unique; most jump training programs only target one, or at most a few, of these facets.

Weight training is one of those key facets of the Jump Manual training program, but if you do not have access to a workout room or a gym, instructions are provided on how to use alternative means to get the same type of training. The program's creator is so confident that you will see the results that you want, that you have a full 60 days to try out the program at no risk, and if you are not satisfied, you will get double your money back. You are guaranteed to gain at least 10 inches a vertical leap after the 12 weeks of training. What is amazing is that many athletes have improved their vertical leap more than twice that amount after the given 12 weeks.

To get the maximum results from the training, buyers are encouraged to stick to the program at full intensity for the full 12 weeks. The bottom line is, dedication and focus are required in order to get the desired gains. The downside to this program is that if you cannot put in the required intensive training time and stick with it, you won't see anywhere near the results promised. To be fair, this can be said of any jump training program, and probably life in general. If you do put in the work, the program guarantees you will be amazed at your fast progress.

Aside from the actual core of the training material, you also get bonuses along with your purchase. One is an interview with an NBA coach that will help your outside shooting and jump shots. Another is an interview with a sports psychologist named Patrick Cohn, who is highly regarded by many professional athletes. He will help you with your motivation and your overall mindset.

Is the Jump Manual training program worth the price and is it truly effective? Well, so far, hundreds of athletes have already met and surpassed their goals of increasing their vertical leap since the training was released in early 2008. Remember, you are guaranteed to increase your vertical leap by at least 10 inches within 12 weeks. Considering that you have 60 days risk-free to try it out, we think purchasing the Jump Manual is a no-brainer. See you above the rim!

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